What the heck is ftter?

ftter is a free service to help you get fitter and healthier and fun doing it...

You can dare yourself and friends to achieve fitness goals that would not be much fun doing by yourself. For example: If you have never run a race before, why not dare yourself to run the next local fun run? Put it up on ftter and get your friends to support you. Prove the doubters wrong and impress your supporters when you cross the finish line. Oh yes, you'll be a lot fitter after that too!

It's also a great way of finding buddies for your next fitness challenge. Keep a record/trophy list of accomplishments to show off to your friends.

ftter is missing an "i"

Yes, there is no "I" in ftter. Getting fitter is a team effort and requires the support of your friends and family. Besides, "fitter.com" was too expensive.

Is it free?

Yes. The ftter mobile app, website and everything else is free to use. We make our money from advertisers and affiliates, not from your good self.

Who can see my dares and challenges?

It's up to you - dares can either be private (between you and the person you are daring), visible by your ftter friends only (which you chose) or public (as in, anyone can support your challenge)

Are you going to hijack my Facebook account?

No, don't be ridiculous. We'd be out of a job if we mess you around like that. We play nicely on Facebook to make it easier to find supported for your challenges and dares.

Is there an API to integrate my Fitness App?

Not yet, but we are working on it. Imagine being able to sync your RunKeeper Goals with ftter to get more supporters and rewards.

Got more questions? Ask us...

These little legs weren't made for running. Using ftter, I dared myself to run Tough Mudder... 20km and 25 obstacles! My mate said I couldn't do it. He was wrong...

Roger Jones - Non-fit dude, now a Tough Mudder